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Apprentice at Castle Rock Arabians


An "Apprentice" is one who desires to further their horse mastership skills. The purpose of the apprenticeship program at Castle Rock Arabians (CRA) is to promote excellence in horsemanship and horse mastership. This is an opportunity for the Apprentice to further his/her/their competency around horses.



Available for young equestrians, ages 9-18, CRA Apprenticeship provides:

  • Group and private riding lessons are provided that are targeted to the skill level of each rider.
  • Mentoring of riders through "buddy system" that ensures friendly, social competition and partnership.
  • Active participation in ground and riding activities.
  • Training and preparation for equestrian activities, including English and Western riding shows.
  • Participate opportunities in horse shows, drill teams, veterinary clinics and more.*


Cost and Commitment:

  • Apprenticeship requires a commitment of three days per week, including one weekend day. 
  • Monthly cost is $500 (year round) or $700 (summer only), payable at the start of each month.

* Additional participation fees will apply for most of these opportunities. 

Contact Us for additional information or to arrange a barn tour in preparation for the apprentice program.


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