Birthday Party: Let's Go Riding!


This plan is designed to give the child a chance to learn basic riding skills and still play games on horseback. Upon arrival guests will learn how to mount and dismount on our mechanical horse, Rocky. After this they will spend a full hour on horseback that includes introduction to the trot (with handler at side) If you have any experienced riders they will be allowed to ride on their own.  (up to 8 in the arena at one time for one hour.)  They will play age appropriate games on horseback. If there are more than 8 riders, we will split the group with half riding, half learning to catch, lead and groom horses. All children will have hands on time with horses.

Deposit calculated based on the number of riders. Parents come free. Cottage and picnic area including barbecue is $100 extra.  Relax and enjoy our ranch with views of park and Mt. Diablo.



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